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Knoxville, TN: Today, NDI Group, Inc., an automotive and event management company announced its membership into the International Detailing Association.  The International Detailing Association is the leading industry association for professional detailing operators, suppliers, and consultants to the industry.  The association is dedicated to promoting the value of professional detailing services, the recognition of professional detailing as a trade, and empowering detailing industry professionals at each stage of their career.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the International Detailing Association,” said Brian Rowland, NDI Group’s Sales and Operations Manager.  “The International Detailing Association is built on the same principles as NDI Group - we are both trying to build and solidify the professionalism of the detailing industry throughout North America.”

About NDI Group, Inc.:  NDI Group is automotive management made simple.  Established in 1996, as a WBE, NDI Group’s roots began in new car auto shows.  It originated with local and regional auto shows and soon spread to national and global shows throughout North America.  NDI Group’s clients soon turned to NDI Group to facilitate, manage, and perform a myriad of event activities along with vehicle services.  Soon our talented team found themselves providing both vehicle and event management solutions for our clients at all types of event venues across the country.  Today, the only thing limiting NDI Group’s growth is our client’s imagination.

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NDI Group, Inc. Certified as a Woman Business Enterprise

4/4/14: NDI Group, Inc. an automotive and event management company, has been certified as a business owned and controlled by a woman by the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC), the first national certifier of Women Business Enterprises.  Over 700 public and private sector individuals participated in establishing the Standards and Procedures of this rigid certification review.  The goal of the certification program is to streamline the certification process and increase the ability of women business owners to compete for contracts at the national level.

"Certification provides a marketing opportunity for women business enterprises to participate in outreach programs," says Teri Clarke, President at NDI Group, Inc.  "In addition, this program will enable us to develop relationships with larger companies and create opportunities for future partnerships with them and public and private companies."

"NWBOC seeks to increase the ability of women business owners to compete for corporate and government contracts," says Janet Harris-Lange, President of NWBOC.  "At the same time, NWBOC also hopes to decrease the number of front operations participating in corporate and government outreach programs."

NWBOC, a national 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, was created in response to needs identified by the Procurement Special Interest Group of the National Association of Women Business Owners.  The study revealed that the public and private sector had not received nor recognized the benefits of contracting with women suppliers.  This has prevented purchasers from obtaining the best value in their procurement and it has limited women business owners from penetrating these markets, which has stymied their growth.  NWBOC seeks to provide more corporations with the opportunity to better their procurement practices and to women suppliers the opportunity to compete.

Throughout North America, NDI Group delivers superior auto show and event management solutions to automobile manufacturers (OEM's) and their partners.  Recognized as an automotive exclusive organization with a radial approach to customer service is what separates NDI Group from the pack and fuels our ability to exceed our clients' expectations every time.

Our success over the past 15 years is summarized in our tag line...Automotive management made simple which translates into service that embraces complicated strategies and transforms them into client specific results.

Contact Information: NDI Group, Inc. 310-B Simmons Road, Knoxville, TN 37922, 865-777-1250.  www.ndigroup.com